by Dale Chase

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released February 14, 2014

Written, Produced and Mixed by Dale Chase
Scratchs: DJ Manila Ice
Vocals: Dale Chase, Sara

Album art: Joyce Hsu




Dale Chase

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Track Name: Security Kate
just checking in
minutes before the turbines on my red-eye start to spin
drop my phone in the bin, let the change scatter
that's when she said to step through the body scanner

gimme your id, this 5'7 scarlet
inspects the card and says New York huh
you seen the new ones they're so holographic
I'm like nah I ain't been back in minute

I'm from Boston, and soon as she said it
I heard the accent, like yo how could I miss it
carry-on full of devices and cabling
detaining me cause they wanna keep x-raying it

figure of authority never so adorable
well Mr. Chase looks like we'll be holding you
interesting choice of words
should I feel insulted that you don't wanna strip search

girl you won't find my name on your list
honey you know I'm no terrorist
wanna know what's on my laptop
confiscate'n my phone and what not

and I'll declare for the whole gate
I love love you Security Kate
I love love you Security Kate
I love love you

(verse 2)
watching my flight board sippin a mai tai
then headed back to the check point for a flyby
she smiles and says you'll miss final boarding
well these overbooked flights ain't a sure thing

besides I might still make a connect
she profiled a dude, while I checked her
hair just past the collar of her blue shirt
perhaps we could taxi when you're through work

so fly cataloged by the FAA
she said wheels up at midnight it's a date,
hit the Sky Bar then the grub hub
a quick stopover at the mile high club

us in the concourse made a jet set
her gears so down, baggage fits in the overhead
and I could tell from the way she looked at me
that we'd be flying frequently


(3rd verse)
how could you blame me
for putting things so plainly
and free fallin’ insanely
like a couple runaways with our eyes on the sky
reserved for her and stay on standby


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