Coder Girl (remix)

by Dale Chase

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This track is version 2.0 of my ode to female programmers, Coder Girl. An upbeat, jazzy re-imagining.


Remember how we first met
On the Front Side bus
caught up in her dot net
rockin' a "are you down with php" Tee
Well you know me
I hit her with a jquery

what's the protocol to get your namespace?
and get to know your attributes
In any case
Meg, she floated
It was written to ROM that we would meet up
headed to the same tweetup

Convo poppin' off like Ajax
rattle'n off our fav classic game hacks
but an instance to C
she's no SeQueL
I'm steady on the Make
sweeter than cupcake

so Aero, couldn't believe my GDIs
My thoughts began to c out kinda randomized
No handling, She must think I'm AFK
phishing for what to say
She's apt to get away


verse 2
We wound up in a South Bridge bar
a bit of a heap
certainly no black caviar
choppin' it up with the .net cheerleader
typical guy, tryin' to peep her API

But her core was refined
talkin' bout how
life was all user defined
was so impressed with her bit depth
say word, checkin' the clock
the only two left

We close the tab
hitting the ave
as the bartender clears the cache
a packet shouldn't travel all alone
Just talkin' safe-mode,
I'd like two c ya' home

The city night, LEDs gleam
A shared link
to feel live in the stream
and feels like my first hello world
my wish is her command
'cause she's a coder girl


The sweetest encapsulation
is how I recall our declaration
null the global what's real's just us
while i is true it's love++

yeah, it's her method
how her object makes her an object
C'mon baby socket to me
step through my world
and be my coder girl



released October 31, 2009
written, produced & mixed by Dale Chase


all rights reserved



Dale Chase

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