by Dale Chase

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Verse 1

plot your course with a google map
but, ever stop to think who coded that
From shareware to your Blackberry firmware
programmers bringing the globe together peer to peer

that hot iPhone app? Yeah, they made that
mod your dock with a jailbreak hack
Never mind the hat
Protocols interact so peeps can face chat

it's how I retweet you,
discover new tunes and fed my news
this software infrastructure's a true gift
so give props to Your python pugilist

yes, Your php-princess,
your c++ Optimus, it's a must
that we show some love and recognize
you couldn't be watchin' hulu on the WiFi without

Verse 2

no cheats, no Warcraft nerds
no firefox, no angry birds
come on, far cry and half-life 2
they pushed the frame
We got better hardware from demanding games

Thank Mr rss, Miss backup tool free
Dr augmented reality
you're sadly misinformed
if you're not thinking they're the heart of your platform

It's how we're laying this down
Avid audio and reason propelling the sound
digitizing the joint
reassembling the bits so I can float my point

Whether Android or Windows Phones
they taught that GPS how to get you home
so let's shout 'em out
no doubt, we couldn't cruise the final frontier without

Verse 3

So defining our time
Dropbox the beat, Google Doc the rhyme
The Autotune for your Rockstar
i just got a tweet from my stolen car

see my Irfan View
to get you Open Off Us like Ubuntu
your smart auto crop
You couldn't perfect your faceswap in Photoshop without


released December 10, 2010




Dale Chase

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