Qualified Pro

by Dale Chase

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verse 1
none better, the get setter
it's your man Cirrius Black keeping the rhyme tethered
to beat, off the dom, nod your head and react
hold it down like shift when I'm ripping the track
rappers wanna emulate my style and font
like I won’t step any datetime I want
I’m just maxin’, got your crew checking my syntax and
comcasting, straight capping your broadcasting

flip my bit, put your pip on freeze
in an instance how I terminate MCs
I get it on, keep em open kid without backdoors
you need to fallback man and just sip your CORS
cause I pop off the top of the stack and get loot
pair programming, that’s if she’s hella cute
got beats, spin’em up like workers
how I execute rhyme ddos’ing your server
stay unlockin’ and keep it in the pocket and
rock it in the socket and higher than a rocket when,
stop it man
I see em watching man
they still can’t see my skills
like I wrote it in the password field
that’s for real

for the qualified pro, I go toe to toe
why am I best in this profession

verse 2
it’s all 200 man, bounce to the algorithm
illest lyricism with precision in your system
MCs try to read me like md
talking 'bout my code base older than NT?
let's see
should I wrap this in an encrypted block
acting like you ain’t highjack how I rock
scans detect my pre-signed flow
ok nerds. time to inspect your code
hooking up joints in the factory with swagger b
blowing up the spot like a Samsung battery
with the PyCharm relax your settings
yeah girl lemme see you shake your tech thing
to the prose I docker-compose
flows for all my tech sisters and bros
on my cronjob, keep a cache layer
from dale.chase import flavor
the host with the most, move your body like post
got so many lines I should use triple quotes
because the neuman mic’s my trusted device
and nice on the slice, yeah that's manila ice



released April 30, 2019
Written and Produced by Dale Chase

Scratches by DJ Manila Ice




Dale Chase

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