Where's the Bottom

by Dale Chase

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retrospect360 Excellent beat as usual from Dale. Excellent lyrics and flow. I'm a longtime fan and love his work.
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I didn't really want to write this. It just couldn't be avoided.


Tellin' me I can't take a knee,
the fuck is you
President that don't stand for me
I see you stand for your clan when they roll in the streets
And a fat tax cut for your peeps

keep the brief brief and the media spun
Attack anyone under the sun
But Putin, he recruited your son
hurricane hittin', all the damage that's done
and you going at the Mayor of San Juan

it's all about you, don't dare criticize
and pat yourself on the back while Puerto Ricans die
Disrespect women and grab them by the pussy
And get behind a predator just to fill a Senate seat

you just a buffoon or don't give a what?
I think it's the former, but still mad corrupt
cause right now morality is losing to winning
got me looking down and I can't see a thing

Yo c'mon where's the bottom
This is not normal

play hard to the base, make it 'bout race
make black athletes out to be ingrates
when they're protesting getting shot by the cops
calling attention trying to get that shit to stop

so Steph Curry won't take your invite
so your people makin' sure he gets taxed right
people take it to the streets, hold up their fists
you label them black identity extremists

you're literally incredible
claiming that Obama was ineligible
no debatin' what you're makin' is America hate again
you vilify hard working Americans

when you talk about how we need a Muslim ban
and how you try to portray Mexicans
screaming how we need a wall to the highest heights
of course you give a damn about my civil rights


You wanna make America hate again


released December 6, 2017
Written, Produced, Mixed by Dale Chase




Dale Chase

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