by Dale Chase

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Paul Bunyan
Paul Bunyan thumbnail
Paul Bunyan Typedef is another message from Dale Chase who I've discovered through several collaborations with emcees, like Dual Core, Mega Ran and YT Cracker. His intellect and gift for spitting original rhymes laced with great production, deserve a listen. Favorite track: Geeks are Sexy.
Joseph Bradley
Joseph Bradley thumbnail
Joseph Bradley Because there is nothing that says awesome like a guys who raps about Nerd life. I am a metal and rock guy and I still love this stuff. HAK5 turned me on to this and I jsut can't stop listening to it. Favorite track: Goblin Town ft. Int 80 of Dual Core, Adam Warrock & YTCracker.
Mark Smith
Mark Smith thumbnail
Mark Smith There are so many fantastic tracks on this album: The Cook has the best delivered line in Hip Hop history. Goblin Town has some of the most amazing raps I've ever heard by Int80. AND I GET NAME DROPPED IN SOMETHING FOR THE INTERNET! :-D Favorite track: Goblin Town ft. Int 80 of Dual Core, Adam Warrock & YTCracker.
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released April 19, 2013

Produced & mixed by Dale Chase

Mastered by Jeff Reeves, Masterdisk

Album art by Joyce Hsu


all rights reserved



Dale Chase

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Track Name: Typedef
here's the try the catch won't miss
what object set with a style like this
that laidback cat how I'm defined
good luck reverse engineering the design

It's the method returning the beat constructor
translate the bass like your preprocessor
some tried to struct their rhymes with my data
but never triple equal to the smoother operator

ping this applet to see if she's live yet
see how the cycle gets and keep that private
Do for each cutie in the pool
and their bfs trying to bench mark my cool

try and instantiate it
get deallocated by the never deprecated
punctuated to make a statement
trying hard to evaluate it save it - it's typedef


You see I'm programmed to slam
Just the man to diagram
How a flow charts with abstract flow
just nod your head steady to what I echo

Verse 2

buffer. I hardly know her
back in the stack it's the global string flower
encapsulated as a local hero,
crashing your function like dividing by zero

buggin out on the joint, you can't patch it
not in my class so why the public static
couldn't believe the garbage they release
while my rhymes keep value like tuple keys

If you're nice with the slice, then raise your index
Next step to it, scope how it connects
and underscore like your variable name
how see through these lames like a wireframes

here's a pointer to process child
never exclaim you could override my style
obfuscate beats the craziest
check the .profile for the alias


Verse 3

Try to insert a break wanna come press my image
but I flip loops infinite we ain't finished
overloading ears with the parenthetical
cause I'm like precise to the ninth decimal

the ux meastro passed every test
still question me like an api request
Importing what you require that's how I code songs
traceback the raw track tag it like Json
Track Name: Geeks are Sexy
The hottest thing, how you rock those frames
into games in a way I can't complain
lemme be direct like x
be the object of my penetration test

sights on you like FPS snipe vision
tight model, but never acting high definition
A Rating from the ESRB
for the late night on the beach DLC

nothing like that first hands-on
south of your borderlands, Hot Coffee mod on
at first wrote me off at first as casual gamer
was E for Everyone, but with you it's closed beta

the longest, deep with re-playability
you walkthrough and I motion capture to memory
you're that down-ass, cool chic, gamer heart breaker
stay on a quest to make you shout my name like Sega


She said geeks are sexy
all you gotta do is talk tech to tempt me
some linux pc rpg
or some Star Trek speak'll send me
She said geeks are sexy
all you gotta do is talk tech to tempt me
some linux pc rpg rr
or some shell script speak'll send me

Verse 2

i meet this cutie type lady at a gig with Dual Core
was already enthralled, then I learned a little more
when my man said peep it showed me a pic
you in a star trek science officer outfit

Try to think of line you never heard before
sure you see through it like Geordie La Forge
staring in her eyes, had me energized41
feel for ya girl, Diana Troy would empathize

She probably thinkin' I'm more trouble than tribbles
but i'd travel light years like subspace signal
just to get in phase with you, dress set to kill
lookin' like the most pure dilithium crystal

or the hottest vision coded for the holodeck
program a cabana with my lips on your neck
running things like Janeway, forget chico
try'n be your Number One, c'mon girl make it so


Tech in a tee shiny and happy
catch me in Texas, cause I'm goin back to Cali
always had me, a geek to your beat
I keep it live til Ustream, won't be brief

And we can do it your way, like what better way to have it
when i talk with my hands and unbox your gadgets
I know I'll get a favorable review
you got me feeling zero gravity too

Flyer than a blue angel, how could I not comment
from the bump in you're a win with content
the most brilliantly cute feed in the file
subscribe to your vibe, specs with a smile

and rocking my mobile life
I'll call you iCali, when I'm holding you right
and 1 view is all it took
so what I gotta do for that exclusive first look
Track Name: The Cook ft. Int 80 of Dual Core
Lose the chili powder and pseudoephedrine
kid we gotta pull a heist for this methylamine
competition getting heated like the formic acid
killin'em softly with the phosphene gases

Cause we 'bout to keep the bucks rolling in reflux
in your hood fresh off them Los Polos trucks
the phenylacetone that's my department
cops in the mix better call Saul for the solvent

Mike on the cleanup for those with a problem
reduced like the mercury aluminum amalgam
ask how I went from teaching got into this
the stage three proved to be the perfect catalyst

what it yields is better than 99% pure
the blue ice it's type never seen before
you wanna split molecules my material is raw
no question you're dead is Heisenberg's Law


We keep it hot like the boiling flask
you're inert if you have to ask,
cause you know it's time to cook
it's the cook

top quality, kick the crank
toss the foil in the mixing tank
cause you know it's time to cook
It's the cook
Verse 2

Yo bitch!
s'your boy Cap'n Cook
chef extraordinaire your favorite crook
Props to Mr White no more smurfin we switched it
of course it's tight it's science bitches

It's on like I left the keys in the RV
getting away with jackin' my crew hardly
catch a ATM on your face
or how I went to see Gale about taking our place

like the air in my protective gear I'm blowin up
or like the fulminated mercury
yeah, what?
this is my domicile bitch!
DEA Schrader can't touch the blow fish

I break the ice a batch is gone
It may be blue but it's the bomb
the probable cause your daughter's high
no apology girl I'm the bad guy


We keep it hot like the boiling flask
you're inert if you have to ask,
cause you know it's time to cook
it's the cook

Off the burner, so chlorite
Take it to the melting point tonight
cause you know it's time to cook
it's the cook

Verse 3

Yeah, it's the guy in the Porkpie corrosive as the chloride
just to spell it out for you bromide
I suggest you don't imitate it find yourself
chemically disincorporated

with the hydrofluoric I'm cool till the vapor scatters
this is chemistry degrees matter
talk about molecular weight
ringing bells without Tio in my solid state

in deep and no immediate plans to retire
fam under fire trying to relax Skyler
hearing a man opens his door and gets shot
he's not me I'm the one who knocks


we keep it hot like the boiling flask
you're inert if you have to ask,
cause you know it's time to cook
it's the cook

don't get off your measurements
shut your mouth, it's science bitch
and you know we bout to cook
It's time to cook
Track Name: Absodefilutely
Like ipv6 updating the standards
coming through blazing like Katniss, man it's
that Laidback, drink with an umbrella fella
blue box, sonic screwdriver type clever

don't blink, Set the sync, not to rhyme too fast
getting back to my roots like CD slash
bout to bastardize what you say rap is
rhymes and bangers, I use two factors

so meta, hyperlink with the click,
how to visualize, without a infographic
you must be pixelated like a link to the past
couldn't find where I'm coming from with the geocache

bang beats till it hurst like your system clock
knocks cause I stay locked in the virtual box
this is for you, you know who you are
trollin noobs, leaving the rest foobar


You love how we keep it bouncing like Q-bert and Chun Li
Keepin your code tight and scriptin' the joint so automagically

Keeping it rolling like Katamari
Buzzin like a server room, chill in in the party
If hacking all the things is your duty
Gotta echo back to me

Verse 2

Gettin' you back to your factory settings
chillax on the track with the Burnout Legend
sick flow Ready, ultra def capable
text to speech that's irrefudiateable

Chase i rep from sf to Phillay
stay underground like them miners out in Chile
built-in call and response on the die
so when playing it live, I crowd source the vibe

and smooth the joint out like no other
swag like I'm running on project butter
go from a dapper dude to T-shirt and khakis
the unconventional, still an art like ASCII

thinkin ima time out yo your header's corrupt
play Juvenile, ask your girl to back that thing up
object oriented so what's mine I seize it
if my language is strongly typed, I mean it


Ha! not your standard out
Hhp with more hops than your traceroute
even if %20 spaced out
I'm still the production server no doubt

never cheat til I win stay bent like a SCSI pin
and hard to find like a Microsoft kin
peace to my peeps knee deep the code
drinkin all the things till your name don't load

Track Name: SSH to Your Heart ft. Shannon Morse
at Defcon gave me the alias
ginger hair, badass, brainy chic
had my vision all tunnel
tryin' to istrip her software bundle

echo anything she wanna hear
mount and serve her in a open session right here
At your gateway it's no small token
penetrate so deep you feel it in your colon

yeah that's straight me no proxy
your agent can't copy my id
You feel rsync, wassup with that IP


cause you know me
my TCP is TLC
you know my port, baby
just me Slip your private key
don't let this fall apart
let's loop back to the start
I'm just a user, babe
S S H'ing to your heart
S S H'ing to your heart
S S H'ing to your heart

Port forward, it's so authentic
checked the sum, received what I expected
practically tab complete her sentences
listening, whispering encrypted messages

pretty, young privileged port
always prompt, likes to take command line sort
that's my node, connection sharing disabled
throwing away the IP table

this is our time to live, no doubt
controlled path like the script we typed out
I don't ever want it to connect time out


Daydreaming bout you, so remoting
how you control persist keeps me open
but you'll be running services on your own
If I ever catch you operating in batch mode

Never that, girl - i won't fail ya'
Let's take this trip on a transport layer
back to Amsterdam nice off the hash
with the globalknownhost set it off at the bash

Track Name: High Probability ft. Brian Tong & Spencer Katzman
I see your figure and I'm figuring
track your glances solve for chances romance is eminent
a least squares fit
you should be my significant digit

relation r in a friend state
but I've quantified the precise rate
increasing over time
the numbers don't lie you're a prime find

factor in how I popped in your mind
plus you like nerdcore the odds are mine
well more or less
couldn't over state the value of your sundress

multiplied by your constant
jovial that's so pie mindset
subtract the dark matter
to see your expression reflects the data


There's a high probability that you wanna roll with me
There's a high probability that you wanna roll with me

Verse 2

It's nothing irrational
given how my less than three remains unvaried
points met at that event
in a little black number thought you were imaginary

never paying mind to how theorists describe the outlier
anomalies in your model only plot to make percentages higher
that we're adjacent vertices
one as a sum between parentheses

A harmonic mean of 1.61803
you're golden to me the correlation occurring naturally
just supports my theory
you'll take a calculated risk on me



let's intersect, you know that's not just a tangent line
girl I'm a ten, and all those fools just 7,8,9

there's no hypothesizing
you keep my vector rising

those soft ellipse, cause ya got the curves, and you're just my sine
the logic fits, it's goin' down like a regression line

come on ms acute, the vibe is so equilateral
I'm feelin' you, and I know the feeling's reciprocal

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